About BIBS Shunyi
BIBS Shunyi is a K-12 campus offering a curriculum underpinned by the IB PYP, MYP and DP programmes. Our staff are experienced practitioners who bring the best of local and international teaching methods and fuse them into an experience that is centred around the individual and collective needs of our students. Our whole school learner aims are reflected in our Mission Statement which is woven into the fabric of our school. In particular, our target of bi-lingual graduates underpins our work and is reflected in the very personalized approach to student learning. With individualized programmes that reflect the student’s personal needs, BIBS is a world leader in bi-lingual teaching.

As a bi-lingual school, we are preparing our graduates to take their place in the global setting that awaits them in the workplace. We provide them with opportunities to develop skills that will support their career aspirations and encourage them to be a positive influence regardless of their chosen path.

With the IB and WASC accreditation we are able to provide our students with internationally recognized and respected qualifications. Our students go on to some of the best universities in China, UK, USA and around the world.

We take our motto seriously and provide Love, Care and Support throughout our community. We are a partnership of teachers, students, parents and community engaged in the process of providing the best opportunities available.